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X-Quisite AF

X-Quisite AF

For this week, we needed to continue messing with node/socket by making a collaborative drawing app (or similar) as homework. In addition, we get placed into groups and have to do a group project at some point in the semester and this was also the week for that.

Leon, Hao and I got to work together, and I have to say it was lovely. We all jived really well, broke up the work evenly and took feedback extremely well. We also made sure to walk everyone through everything we did so that we all had a clear grasp of all the parts in the project.

When brainstorming, we wanted to do something fun and have everyone just enjoy themselves. We decided to do a digital version of the game “exquisite corpse.” If you don’t know the game, the way it works is that you basically for a page in three. In each one of the folds you draw a part of body (head, torso and legs) but the idea is that you only draw that part, without looking at the other things people have drawn, and then pass it down for the next person to complete.
What you end up with is a mix-matched creature with crazy parts and everyone has a good time.

So, we went to work. My ICM final last fall had been a collaborative drawing game using the P5 library for JS, so a lot of the heavy lifting had been done, as we decided to repurpose that for our game. From there, Hao worked on cleaning up and setting up the code correctly, Leon worked on ironing out the socket part, and I work on the page styling.

We spent all of Sunday on this, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of how it came out! We tested it with a couple of people on the floor too and it was well received, let’s see how it goes in class!

To play, click HERE




We ran this in class and people seemed to really like it! It was also wonderful to see all the different results and what people drew. Below is a gallery of the results!

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