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Workshop Success

Workshop Success

Our workshop happened on Saturday and I have to say, it was a success! Leading up to it was stressful, and there were lots of planning ahead and moving parts. But I have to say all my old work skills came flooding back, and we pulled off something that I am extremely proud of.

Material table setup
Food for atendees
Food for atendees
T minus 1 minute before we start
T minus 1 minute before we start

We started with a less-than-desirable turnout, but as time passed more and more people trickled in and we were able to catch them up without a problem. At the end of the workshop, we had around 20 squares done!

People were engaged, they all enjoyed it and we ended up with some AMAZING pieces to put in the tapestry.





Now, it’s a matter of filling up 10 more squares, getting some faculty and staff peeps to join in and put it together.
After that is finishing the book, figuring out the power source and light display animation and setting up. It will be a busy two weeks.


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