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[WIP] Dragon Flight

[WIP] Dragon Flight

Game building time.

After designing my box and wiring the button (to the best of my ability, because the damn LED still doesn’t work exactly the way I want it to) it was time to sit down and get cracking at the game.

I still need to physically make my box (that will be happening tomorrow), but I really wanted to put in the time and make a big dent out of my game building.

Lucky for me, my mechanics are very similar to the flappy bird game, and I found an AWESOME set of YouTube tutorials (here) by quill18creates, that teach you how to do just that.
The scripting in this tutorial is on C# so I’m actually pretty happy to give it a shot and start to get familiar with this. Obviously I’m much more comfortable with Javascript since that’s what I’ve been using most of the time, but I quickly realized that in Unity, it doesn’t really  matter as nothing makes sense. jajaja not really, but it’s just a beast all on its own.

Making this game was great. The tutorial was extremely thorough, so following it was easy and very very clear. I ran into a hiccup with my parallax background in the tutorial, but went back to my class notes and did it the way Mark showed us and it worked! Crisis #1 averted.

On to crisis #2. Because my game is similar to Flappy Bird, but not quite the same, more and more issues (aka differences) started to rear their ugly heads. Flappy bird, for example, has a different background setup in which there is a sky and a ground. Mine only as a ground. So while adding a box collider to the existing floor asset in Flappy Bird is easy, mine is a bit different.
For this, went back to reference the jigglypuff game we had created for one of the first games we created. We had put in a fake floor for it, so it was time to do the same for mine!

I added an empty game object, gave it a box collider and a rigid body and voila! I had to set the Gravity Scale to 0 on this one too, or the box collider will fall with the dragon, but it worked. (This took me like an hour but still). After that I was back on track with the tutorials.

Fast forward to finishing the tutorials and not being nearly done. I had to go back to the big blue background without any clouds as any of the other ways didn’t actually work, but at least that was working. I ended up meeting with Mark to fix the rest of my game… and realize that the animator for my dragon just plain and simple didn’t work, the score wasn’t working and the starting screens all needed to be fixed.

It will happen though! Too much work has gone into this game to leave it half-assed at this state. Good enough is never good enough


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