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When We Die

When We Die

The Saturday of the Internet Yami-Ichi, Dana, Leslie and I jumped on the phone with Dana’s friend Stephanie, who’s a trained nurse in hospice and end-of-life. It was a preliminary interview to talk to her about her job, her thoughts and see if there was something there that interested us enough to continue pursuing it.
Instead of that, we basically found our final project.

Stephanie was so thoughtful and peaceful in the way she spoke about death and dying, and it turned out to be a lot because she’s also an active Buddhist. We all left the conversation feeling this strange feeling of thinking of death and being more present with the reality that it will happen to everyone, and could happen anytime and wanted to be able to convey the same feeling to people that were part of our experience.

Because of that, we decided to do a guided meditation on mortality and dying. The presentation is below, and should provide more details as to our concept, Stephanie, and our vision for the project:

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