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War Darts

War Darts

For this assignment, we needed to create an emotional object. Meaning, that either the object has to have some sort of emotional output based on user interaction OR the object has to have an output that evokes an emotional reaction from the user.

Our last readymade, while advanced in tech was sort of lacking story. This time, Aaron and I wanted to make sure that we had both a good story, and a great finished product.

Man this the story part hurt. We had three weeks for this project and spent a week and a half of it trying to figure out what to do. We went round and round, landed on ideas, scrapped them, started again until we finally stuck with something that we both loved.

The idea: War Darts.

What it is: A commentary on the automation and dehumanization of war. Inspired by the fact that Hiroshima started with the push of a button, we wanted to visualize how easy it is now to unleash pain and suffering on to other people, and have it stay even when you’re action has stopped.

We felt that darts where the perfect vehicle for this. It’s an action that requires for you to make an conscious decision of engaging with it, and actively participating (vs for example, just walking by).

So what’s gonna happen is that we’re going to shine bright white light on the map, and as you throw the darts at the map, black dots that slowly spread will start appearing where the darts land.
We will do this with projection mapping and kinect data.



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