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Waking up with the birds

Waking up with the birds

For our first assignment for class, we needed to “Imagine an ‘electronic’ ritual and prototype the necessary systems to perform the ritual. Then perform the ritual and document the process. ”

I decided to try my hand at my waking up ritual. Let me backtrack a bit. I am not a morning person. Waking up is nothing short of a struggle, every day, and no matter what I’ve tried (and I have tried a lot of things) nothing seems to work. Only when I have to catch a flight do I seem to manage to wake up when I need to.

So, for my ritual, I decided to try a new way of waking up. I’ve read a couple of articles that say you should try waking up to music, instead of the jarring alarm sound, so after doing some research, I downloaded the Nightstand Central app and decided to give it a shot for a week or so to see if it would work.

The first day, it didn’t work at all. The app is a bit glitchy and unless you leave it open on your phone, it doesn’t seem to go off. Once I figured that out and fixed the error, I set it for the rest of the days and it seemed to go off without a problem.

I have to say, it worked pretty nicely. Aside from the fact that I would let the song finish playing and then go back to sleep (oops), I would wake up without wanting to murder the world and be pretty awake after. I thin it also helps that I have song OCD and can’t stop a song while it’s playing, so I would usually wait until it was done, three or so minutes later.

I think I may adopt this in general! But I think I’m gonna start placing the phone across the room so that I have to wake up and turn it off.

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