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To Leave or Not To Leave… That is the Question

To Leave or Not To Leave… That is the Question

We’re mid June into this thing, and there’s no signs of letting up (or very slightly at least). New York finally starting the opening up phases and we’re on phase 1 at the moment. Phase One allows construction, manufacturing, and wholesale supply-chain businesses to reopen, as well as many retailers for curbside pickup, in-store pickup, or drop-off. Phase-one retail categories include clothing and shoes, electronics and appliances, web and mail-order, florists, jewelry, luggage, and sporting goods, among others.

Meaning, we’re slowly creeping back to re-opening. In parallel, I got an update from my job with a topline plan for the reopening of the office and (drumroll please) it looks like my department/job wouldn’t be coming back into the office until Sept, if at all!

Our lease for our current NYC apt ended in May. We talked with our landlord and bought ourselves three more months at the current rent (so until the end of Aug) to stay and figure out what’s happening – But we can leave whenever as long as we give her a 30 day notice.

So now we move onto our conundrum. After receiving that email from my HOD yesterday, it occurred to me that staying in NYC right now might be a fool’s errand. New York apartments are not conducive to a WFH situation for someone, let alone two! and on top of that we will be losing our private outdoor space which is quite a commodity.

I mentioned this to Kevin, and then suggested that maybe we go and live in Denver or New Orleans to just be in a new city and explore. We did this three years ago with an internship I got in Portland, OR and lived there for a summer. He loved the idea. He loved it even more when he figured out we could go to Michigan first, spend a month with his parents there, and then going to Miami and doing the same with my parents. (and save two months rent).

So I think…. that might be settled! I think we’re going for a while. We’ve lived out of suitcases before, we can do it again…. right?

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