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The Drinking Fountain

The Drinking Fountain

For our first week’s assignment, we had a very simple ask: Create a double take installation in public.

This means, that we needed to create a public installation that would catch the public’s attention and cause a “double take,” or better yet… engage them.

Poy, Wippy and I teamed up and we all agreed that we wanted to do something provocative yet playful. After much brainstorming we ended up deciding that we wanted to take a dildo (that Poy and I got at a sex shop in the West Village) and hack a water fountain so that the water flowed through it.

The outcome: GLORIOUS. People loved it, and it elicited very strong reactions–either love or hate. We definitely consider this a success, and the footage came out great!

Check out the video:

The Drinking Fountain from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

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