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[The Box] Progress Report

[The Box] Progress Report

Report time! We’ve been moving along with the lovely Box, and I think we are in an awesome AWESOME place.

Here’s what’s happened since the last time:

  1. We figured out the measurements for the box, and will be getting help from a fabrication savvy person to build it. After trial and errors, the shape of the box is now a pentagon.
    IMG_5183 IMG_5199
  2. Found mirrored acrylic that we can use instead of actual mirrors for the boxes. This means it’ll be cheaper to build, we can make more mistakes, and we don’t have to worry about cutting friggin’ mirrors.
  3. Circuit for the prototype is DONE! We managed to get the lights, sound and camera working together like one big happy family. (and tested it, see #6)

  4. Bears have been purchased… because, I mean, without the bears this is just a pretty face.
  5. Created a twitter account for The Box, and figured out a way to push the images on to the feed.
  6. Basic play-testing of the circuit.
    Jun-Li & Naoki


What’s next:

  1. Build a small acrylic prototype using left-over acrylic I had,  before using the actual material we’ll need for the box.
  2. Once prototype works, build the actual box. This is where sh*t gets real.
  3. Build the bear automata and see if we can make this happen. If we manage to make this happen, this will be the cherry on the sunday.

Onwards and Upwards!

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