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Stop-motion Storyboard

Stop-motion Storyboard

Animation has begun! and what better way to kick-off this lovely course than with stop motion. For people that know me, stop-motion is one of my true loves. Here’s an old video I did a couple of years ago that I still love to this day <3

Franky & Susie from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas made me fall in love with the medium and even as I grew up and fell in love with film in general, stop-motion has always had a special place in my heart.

For this week, the assignment was to come up with a short between 1-2 minutes and bring in the storyboard for it. Originally, my group (me, Ella and Olivia) had the idea to play off the idea of the rock, paper, scissors game. We came up with it at the end of the class, but then we met again on Friday to storyboard it and realized we weren’t loving it as much as we had the first day. We then decided to shift gears and came up with the idea of a little monster that finds a new home and works really hard to decorate it before everything is taken away.

We like it! and are excited about it. I know stop-motion is a beast…so let’s hope it all goes well!

IMG_3375IMG_3374 IMG_3376

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