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Seriously, Serial

Seriously, Serial

For this week’s assignment, we needed to research inspiring storyteller or project and prepare a presentation on how they’ve changed or influenced storytelling or their field.

While originally I was going to feature Jim Henson, the brilliant and lovable creator of the muppets…

I decided to switch wears and go with a more contemporary phenomenon:


Serial is podcast that uses investigative journalism to narrate a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. It tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season. Each season, it follows a plot and characters wherever the story takes take them (hosts). They won’t know what happens at the end until they get there, not long before the audience gets there with them.

Long story short, it blew up and has basically spawned a new way of story-telling that mixes journalist and non-fiction with engaging narrative.

My slides are below:



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