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Run Forrest, Run!

Run Forrest, Run!

Four years ago, I was thrusted into the world of innovation and haven’t left it since. Granted, it started because I met this handsome blue-eyed man who turned out to be one heck of a cook (and just happened to work in the field) and it became a constant point of conversation, of watching him work, of listening to his work calls when he was at home, and to being each other’s soundboards on a regular basis. Partnership? I think yes.

What started as a spark of curiosity turned into interest which in turn led me to find ITP and to begin carving out my own path in this mushy, limbo of a world.
As I start out my second and last year at ITP, it’s very interesting to find how a lot of things are much more clear now, and how a lot are even less so.

The “Where ideas come from” reading was interesting, because it seemed to somewhat touch on this. Talking about how inventions are usually collective instead of individual, and the notion of  simultaneous invention. Partly because it’s happened to a couple of times already, I’ve heard or had ideas that after just light research, have come to discover I’m already a “been there, done that” player.

I also loved this line so much I want to burn it on the inside of my corneas “the most creative environments allow for repeated failure.” it’s exactly what’s missing from a lot of places right now. They expect you to be brilliant, and creative and amazing but if you fail, out the door you go. I was reading Creativity Inc. over the summer (I <3 Pixar) and that was also a resounding mantra that kept being repeated. The idea of creating an environment where collaboration is fostered, respect is imperative and failure is celebrated.

So I come into this class ready to fail. I have no idea what I’m making, but I do know of things I like and gravitate towards. So this, for me, will be mostly about self-exploration and really taking the time to figure myself out. ITP is so “go, go, go” that I’m hoping this will give me a space to find some clarity (and still push forward–I need that FOR SURE). Let’s call this Thesis prep 101.

I spoke to people in the class, and they mentioned that so far, it’s been mostly about doing research about your idea, trying to define its “statement” and listing 3 next steps in relation to it.

Since I don’t have an idea yet, I’m just starting to research things I’m interested in. I was thinking of parametric design & algorithms in nature, 3D printing/modeling, films, game making or installations. I like experiences and find that a tangible component usually makes a huge difference. Storytelling is my main focus though, in whatever it is that I end up doing

So I post here a couple of examples, inspirations, research findings I’ve come across, as I try to narrow down my focus for this class.


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