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Pushtales: fairytales for adults

Pushtales: fairytales for adults

This week, we needed to redesign a narrative experience using human-centric/audience-centric principles. I decided to go with fairytales. Below is my process through the HCP and how I redesigned my experience:


  1. The Why
    • The challenge: fairytales because they are a staple of childhood. Almost everyone grows up with them (or a close version of them) and almost everyone outgrows them.
    • Tone: whimsical, playful
  2. The Who
    • Audience: young adults (18-35) that are smartphone users
    • How to reach them? On their phones!
    • what behavior do I want from them? To engage in the fairytale stories actively
  3. The Concept
    • To tell fairytales to adults through the social media apps on their phones
  4. The Story Design
    • Pushtales (working title) tells popular fairytales through phone notifications from other social media apps. Once you install the app in your phone, you can select a story you want to “hear,” and throughout the day the app will send you push notifications (at random times, as if they were real) telling you the story through your other apps.
  5. The How (implementation)
    • step 1: create an app
    • step 2: Have the app scan all the other apps in your phone
    • step 3: based on the apps you have, this app will send you random alerts (as if from the other app) to take you through a fairytale in the modern time
  6. The MVP


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