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Nature AND Nurture

Nature AND Nurture

So this week, I dived into research about my project as well as prototyping.

I started reading on water and the positive effects that negative ions have on people — it’s used as a natural anti depressant, there’s bracelets that used to be sold, generators, etc. Apparently being around technology all the time releases positive ions, which drain you, and negative ions are a great way to counter act that. Negative ions manifest mostly in Nature too, which ties into the design aesthetic direction I was going down in nicely.
I also found a DIY tutorial on Instructables on making my own negative ion air ionizer, so I’ll be checking that out.

From there, I started playing with shapes for my wearable. I like the idea of nature informing the aesthetic of my design, in particular, crystals/minerals and any sort of geometric. As Michael Hansmeyer says in his Ted Talk below, I want to borrow nature’s process as my own.

Quick video of my paper prototype
I also spoke to Tommy (Payne) about her thesis last year, which was 3D printed wearables. This was super useful! she walked me through her process and basically helped me realize the amount of work and iterations she had to take in order to get to where she got. In a nutshell, I’ve got my work cut out for me.
I got some really good feedback from the class and a lot of people seem to be excited about my project. I’m meeting with Eric Rosenthal next Wed 10/19 and will be reaching out to Allison Burtch to talk about this more!

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