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Cacti: an Anti-Tech Fashion Wearable

Cacti: an Anti-Tech Fashion Wearable

OKAY! I feel good. I have a friggin’ idea. I know, I’m as surprised as you are, but nevertheless… I do! Things are falling into place Image result for lord baby jesus talladega nights gif

While riding the train yesterday, I was workshopping through some of the ideas I had send Stefani on Friday (which neither one of them is the one I landed on) and decided to go back through some of my personal notes that I’ve taken over the years to see what had sparked my interest. I found a little note on cacti and computer radiation…and a light bulb went on ::DING::

Anti-tech jewelry! When I was little and my parents got the family computer, my mom became obsessed with having cacti around them to absorb the electromagnetic frequencies and radiation being put out by it–she heard this somewhere. I thought it would be a cute idea to create a piece of jewelry (or wearable) that would imitate what the cacti are supposed to do, since from then to know I can only imagine we have exponentially increased the amount we are exposed to computer frequencies and radiation.

I’ve been wanting to look into parametric design and 3D printing for a while and I think this will tie in nicely. I met with Stefani before class and she liked the idea. She asked me to take a step back and jump more into the “why” (story) instead of the “how” (prototype) to really dive into my subject and see if it takes me anywhere. I’m gonna look into at interesting article she sent on water and the negative ions with it and also amulets and superstition in culture–probably latin american culture specifically. Let’s see what the internet rabbit hole takes me!

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