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PComp: Proximity Sensor 2.0 & Keyboard

PComp: Proximity Sensor 2.0 & Keyboard

For this week, since there was no actual lab to do, I decided to take my proximity lab sensor a bit further and work on an entirely new project based on labs we’ve done in the past.

For the proximity lab, I upped the ante and decided to do the exact same thing I had seen on instructable tutorial.

I grabbed my old code and added to it. I did the same thing as last time and wrote everything out. Connected two LEDs and uploaded the code. This time it worked!



After that, I wanted to try to do something on my own. I really liked the sound lab, so I tried coming up with a keyboard that would light up and play 7 notes. I started with the lights. I wired those up and tested them and they worked great! After that, it was time to move to the speaker and code that in the Arduino… and I got stuck. I talked to Igoe who helped me picture my code a little better, but that still didn’t work. I tried to figure it out, moved code around, googled the error messages that I got form the editor… but still nothing. Finally, I ran to Benedetta (hi B!) to see if I could get help with the code and it ended up that, while on the right track, everything was wrong lol.  So for now I will go back, try to scale it down to just one, get it to work, and from there blow it up. Fingers crossed the next one works!




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