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Moving Buddy

Moving Buddy

Last week, Kris and I left class feeling pretty good about our project. The class before that,  we had found some information on anxiety related to money and personal finances for our target, so we decided to create a budgeting app that would aid young professionals in budgeting in a way that would not create anxiety.

From there, we started talking about the things related to money that were most stressful, and then a lightbulb went on: MOVING TO NYC!
Not only is it stressful from the finance standpoint, it is also a stressful situation in it of itself (ranked #2 most stressful after public speaking if I’m not mistaken).

So as promising as happyWallet was, we decided to move on to a web app/mobile app (still undecided) that would help you with the pains of moving to new york city and would act as your friend to help you figure out all of the unknowns.

We present… Moving Buddy.

So now we needed to work on our theory of change, whip up some wireframes and create a revised landing page that would actually reflect our new idea.

Theory of Change:


Initial wireframe sketch:


Revised Landing Page and Wireframes:


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