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Michigan Lemonade

Michigan Lemonade

Well, it’s August and we did it. We left NYC (hopefully not permanently) and now find ourselves in Michigan. We bought a car, gave up our apt, put all of our belongings in storage, and drove out to stay with Kev’s parents for a month.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. 2020 has been quite a year. Nohing, and I mean NOTHING, from our lives is the same as the start of the year. But just for masochistic fun, let’s go down the list:

  • wedding got postponed (potentially cancelled, but that’s for another post)
  • Kevin’s freelance freedom got put on hiatus as he had to take a full-time job so that we would continue to have health insurance because adulting.
  • My dream job disappeared because who the F plans gatherings during a pandemic
  • No more light-filled, private outdoor space nyc apt because apparently our landlord was the only crazy enough to hike up the rent so much that she made our decision to leave NYC much easier
  • no longer living in NYC! (and technically homeless?)

To recap – home: different, jobs: different, major events: different. Damn 2020, you packed a punch.

Now it’s time to turn those lemons into lemonade. Why pay NYC rent when we don’t need to? When we can instead spend time with family and save some money while we wait for the world to heal? We have to adapt, grow, and look at the bright side. If not, we’ll just be sitting in the dark, collecting dust, watching life pass us by.

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