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Make it sew

Make it sew

Let’s recap what it is we’re doing, and how it’s coming along.

Interactive Tisch Tapestry

What is it?
An interactive tapestry created by NYU Tisch students, faculty and staff as a collaborative project to show both similarities and differences of each individual, and how they come together as a community.

Who is part of it?
A workshop will be held on Sat April 9th where attendees will create individual tapestry pieces reflecting who they are as individuals, using basic geometric shapes to tie the piece together and reflect their own personal narrative in iconography.

How does it work?
Once the individual pieces are completed the day of the workshop. All pieces will be put together to create a larger tapestry piece that will be displayed

A book was printed and displayed alongside the finished tapestry featuring the pieces made and their creators. Two capacitive sensors will be placed at both sides of the tapestry, so if the light display wants to be viewed, students will have to work with the community (or their friends) to turn it on.


We’ve prototyped and tested several things. It was very helpful. Based on that we’ve made revisions and tweaked how the workshop will go.
The fabric has arrived and I’ll be picking that up today or tomorrow to prepare all the squares and start prepping for the workshop.
The book design is in progress and we’ll be sending along the bones of it so that all the necessary parties can approve it. From there, it’s getting them printed once we have all the headshots and photos of the squares .



Next steps after the workshop is over:

  1. Make sure all circuitry works
  2. Assemble tapestry
  3. finalize books
  4. get books printed
  5. build capacitive sensors
  6. program light display

Lots to do in the upcoming weeks, but it should look AWESOME once it’s done!


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