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Isadora, pt 2

Isadora, pt 2

This week, we had to ideate around the midterm and continue doing Isadora tutorials. For Isadora, we needed to play around with effects and locations.

I started by following the tutorials and layering two videos on top of each other. I found an old fountain video I had from when I went to Spain with my sister, and I figured it would be great to use here.
I layered the videos, messed around with the color inputs for it and applied a kaleidoscope effect to one of them. I connected that to the envelope generator so that it would automatically change the angle of the segments once the toggle was triggered.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.45.06 AM

After that, I realized I didn’t have freeFrame plugin installed, so I had to download, install it but quit of what I had done. I started over, and moved on to a live feed with some noise. I couldn’t find the interlacing option, and after sending a couple of emails it turns out that it’s not available in the version of Isadora we have.

live feed
live feed

Lastly, I moved on to effects with the alpha masks. These ones didn’t work exactly how they were shown in the tutorials and I’m a little bit unsure as to why. Especially for the final scene with layering two different videos and masking them, that didn’t work for me at all :/ I did add an envelope generator and connected that to the zoom of the video so that the image would move and zoom in and out. I tried to do it with the horizontal position but it takes inputs from -100 to 100 but the envelope generator only outputs 0-100. I tried to scale it with both the calculator and the scaler but it didn’t work.




I really like all the effects that Isadora has and how easy it is to work with them. As things start getting more complex, it will be interesting to see what can be done with this. The biggest thing is just understanding how each actor works and how to use it best to its capabilities.

PS: after uploading my videos to the dropbox folder to submit the homework, I realized my computer glitched out and only took videos of basically a black screen. Because I’m still working with the demo and had quit out of the application already, I lost all my work ::sigh:: so for this week, it’s only pictures unfortunately, and no video

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