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Interactive Tapestry Progress

Interactive Tapestry Progress

Two months have passed, and we’ve make some really good progress on our tapestry.

All the components have arrived (except for the floras which come tomorrow), and Zoe and I made a trip to the garment district yesterday to look at fabrics again and get some snaps to test out.
We decided on  a cotton canvas for the tapestry fabric as it’s light enough to be easy to sew through, but sturdy enough to hold the components. We went back and on to and selected all the colors + all the different patterned fabrics for the decorating geometric shapes.
We decided to do this because 1) we wanted a lighter fabric for the decorations since it’s going to be layered and we don’t want the tapestry to be too heavy 2) we were feeling the tapestry would feel a little… blah. By adding small subtle patterns (still within the color scheme) we’ll add some interesting visuals to the tapestry but keep it with the theme.

patterned fabric selections
patterned fabric selections

Now that we have everything we need to start prototyping. We have an idea of how we want the circuitry to be and hopefully we can talk to Despina tomorrow to get the thumbs up on this. From there, is finish putting together the flyer and the workshop, and having this in 2 weeks!
We also need to design the book and start working on the capacitive sensors for the tapestry. Lot’s of work to do, but all very promising.

Here’s a rough mockup of how the tapestry is slated to look like once we finish

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.01.15 PM


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