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Instagram Tasseomancy

Instagram Tasseomancy

For this week’s assignment, we needed to “Invent an “-omancy,” or a form of divination/prophecy based on observing and interpreting natural events.Your reading of “natural” should make some reference to digital/electronic/computational media.”

I decided to do today’s version of tasseomancy, or tea-leaf reading. The way to do this, is by scrapping instagram for your latest version of a #breakfast or #brunch picture, and then running a color plotter that will extract the main colors of your image and doing a reading based off that.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get all of the code working. As of now, I just have the part where I scrape IG for your pictures (if your account is private) and display the latest picture you took under the #brunch, #breakfast, #bacon, or similar hashtags. See video below:

Instagram Tasseomancy from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

This is WIP, but I’m definitely planning on finishing it and having it up and running! Stay tuned.

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