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Idea drill down

Idea drill down

For our midterm, my team (Nicole, Jamie & Adi) and I, needed to do an illusion that was location-specific. After lots of ideas and discussion (who knew location-specific would be so hard) we decided we wanted to use the drill press in the shop and create a pepper’s ghost illusion that would interact with it.

pepper's ghost
pepper’s ghost

We met, purchased some of the material (and got it today, hooray), and started looking at how it would work to shoot the video. While doing this, we managed to grab Andrew and get a quick consultation in… from which it turned out that our best bet is to use the depth kit for this, instead of just shooting. So I guess computational portraiture is back in!

Depth Kit
Depth Kit

After my initial shock at this, I was actually very excited. I wanted to use it and didn’t really have time during class, so this is the perfect moment to actually incorporate it into one of my project and learn how to use it.

So now, the next steps are to calibrate the DepthKit and shoot with it tomorrow morning and export the 3D video. Then, we just need to build the frame of the player so that it looks like a protection filter for the drill press, and voila! Doesn’t sound that difficult. The trick will be whether or not we manage to shoot the video right tomorrow and export it.

Wish us luck!



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