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ICM Week 1

ICM Week 1

This week’s assignment was a fun one. Fun, but more complicated that I originally thought. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out the coordinates for things, specially because I was going after some sense of symmetry.
What also threw me for a loop where the x and y axises. I knew them from way back in geometry class, but I guess for some reason I got turned around with them. I kept thinking x was y and viceversa, once I figured them out I was good to go though!

Uploading the sketch almost got the best of me. I managed to drag in onto the FTP but for some reason the link wasn’t not working. I watched the video and did it right, but only until I got to the applications class and talked to some of the peeps, I figured out how to upload it.

Here’s an image of my exercise below:

Homework - Try 1


After seeing some of my classmates homework (I’m looking at you Mathura lol) I was a little embarrassed by what I created. I tried experimenting with some stuff but nothing was working, so I’m gonna stick to my guns and do better next assignment. That means, you get to bask in the glory of my abstract three gnomes sharing a hat. Enjoy!


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