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I Love Space

I Love Space

Hello, my name is Paula and I love space.

It’s such a simple statement, right? But simple is always secretly complex. It took me so long to get here, and to realize what that actually means. The cost of this statement for me was around 15 years, a career change and a mental breakdown. Not so simple now!

I think the actual physicality of space is very underrated. We are surrounded by things at every moment of our lives, but we rarely think of the spaces unless they’re either horribly bad or incredibly stunning.

I am personally very much affected by the spaces that surround me, so I’ve always paid a lot of attention to them and try to make mine the best they can be. But only until recently have I started “studying” spaces more and really dived into them. And I love it!

Hence this blog. I will continue to explore and grow my love for anything spatial. Be it interior design, experiential installations (my job!), decor, or anything in between.

If you have anything worth looking at, or want to start a conversation, leave a comment below and let’s make it a round table!

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