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Glitch Mirror

Glitch Mirror

Finals time.

Jordan and I had agreed to work together for this since the midterm and had an awesome idea of getting mannequin heads and do some projection mapping on them. After last class, we noticed Nicole had had the same idea, so the three of us decided to work together since it already looked like a good fit.

We met to talk through the idea and what we wanted to concept to do. We started playing around with doing something that would challenge the ideas of our visual system, our perception of time, and our sense of self.
As the brainstorming was happening, we took a departure from the mannequin heads and landed on the idea of creating a Glitch Mirror.

We will build somewhat of a “smart mirror” like Max Braun did in his article here. It will look normal, but will subtly alter the reflection in ways that challenge expectations of reality.

The discs
Robert Irwin’s Discs

We were really inspired by Robert Irwin and how he played around with some of his conceptual ideas (refer back to my post on his readings here, if you’d like) and also, of course, the matrix. Specifically the part about deja vu being a glitch in the system because something was changed, and not just mere coincidence.

We’re going to try and start building the mirror over the weekend, to foresee any errors we might encounter and to really have time to troubleshoot. If all goes well, we’ll be done with that fairly quickly and can focus and tweaking and perfecting the mirror effects as much as we can!

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