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Gender in Tech

Gender in Tech

The midterm topic has been solidified (can you hear my sigh of relief from your end?). After last class, Zoe and I got together and decided to partner up. Saturday afternoon we set up shop in Room 15 and started talking about topics two topics that we had narrowed down as interest to us – sex workers, and women in tech.
From there, we organically gravitated towards women in tech and started writing things on the white board like crazy women (long live the white boards!)

Excuse the out of focus


We worked shopped the subject, and left with some good initial ideas about possible mini-midterm ideas and/or final ideas. So below is our Concept Design Package. it holds:

  • User Personas
    • Meet Scott, Tim, Yiselle and Regina. Get to know them, hopefully they provide a better look at the people we’re talking to
  • User Journeys
  • Initial idea prototype walk through


  • Mood and inspiration board. See it here
  • (and the brainstorming images from above!)


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