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[Final] Project Proposal: Underwater experience

Finals are here…. now for realzzz.

After last weeks’ brainstorming Dana and I decided to partner together and work on a sort of underwater, proximity sensor installation.

The idea is for the user to enter an 8’x8′ space (size still TBD) and for their movement to control the movement of the ceiling. The ceiling would be either a semi-hard material or women fabric that would be connecter through strings to several motors.  Overhead, the idea is for the material to simulate water, so that when the user is looking up it’s almost as if they were in the ocean looking up at the sun.
A kinect would track their movement within the space, and the ovehead material would fluctuate based on their movement.

Something like this (play at 1:57):

We’ve been sitting around trying to figure out how to make this work. The more we think about it, the less in love we fall with the idea. We’re gonna run this through our class peeps tomorrow and see how it goes.

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