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[Final] Project Proposal: Interactive Doodle Telephone game

[Final] Project Proposal: Interactive Doodle Telephone game

Time for the finals. The midterms just ended and now it’s time to strap down and get things done!

For this week, we need to present our idea for the final, and although I was very much tempted to push it to next week, I wanted to push myself to at least try and come up with something and get some feedback. If it changes (probably will) oh well, but if not, I at least got started with my idea!

Originally, I had in mind to do some sort of music visualization, but after talking with two of the residents, the idea seemed a bit ambitious for the amount of time we have left, so I decided to abandon it and try something else.

In the process of coming up with the idea, I was stuck–happens often. After a while of bouncing through concepts, one stuck that it’s  very interesting to me… an Interactive Doodle “Telephone” Game!

What is it? It’s basically a take on the childhood “telephone” game but with doodles. The idea is that a basic doodle will start the screen, and then someone will come up and add/complete it with drawings of their own. After that happens the original sketch disappears and only the user additions remain–they now become the original sketch and now someone else has to add to it. And so on and so forth!

I took a picture to illustrate what I mean:



Who is the audience? Anyone! I did this more for a creative output and less of a children’s game. The original purpose of this game is to foster creativity and help people get into different midsets/perspectives.

Questions for the class? Anything. What do you think of the idea, do you like it, does it make sense? for Dan in particular… is it feasible?

Lastly, while talking to Melanie (Hoff) and telling her about my idea, she pointed out a vine artist that does something similar… or that she was reminded off when I explained my concept. So see below!

  If you want some substantiation as to why doodles should be a more active part of everyone’s life… here’s an awesome Ted Talk:      

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