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[FINAL] Let’s Party, in the galaxy

[FINAL] Let’s Party, in the galaxy

And with that, the first semester is done.

This is the final final, and although it took a while to complete, it came out great–in my eyes. For two people with no knowledge of After effects or Premiere, and basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, I think we did a bang up job.

I partnered with my boo Zoe, and it worked out great because we both had a good idea of what we wanted this, and didn’t want this to be. We love surrealism and wanted to really use animation to it’s full potential–which is to make the impossible possible.

With that in mind, we set out to find our assets in the mighty world of the internet. We loved the optical illusion paintings of Rob Gonsalves so we decided to stitch some of them together and make them into our background. From there, crazy ideas just kept coming and we kept rolling with them. From the penny-farthing man coming out of the cut head, to the dancing constellations, we wanted to create something out of this world… literally.

Zoe and I partnered pretty evenly which was great. We both got to work on both assets and animations and it was smooth sailing the whole time. At the end, we figured out how to put lasers into our short and make the neon signs. And let’s be honest, lasers make everything better.

As far as the song, I’ve been obsessed with the tune for a bit, and it turned out that it fit the rhythm of the movie quite perfectly. We cut out a quick repetition in the beginning to give more room for the actual song, and voila! ’tis was perfection.


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