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[FINAL] Doodle Chain

[FINAL] Doodle Chain

D-Day. It’s here, it’s happening.

I don’t understand how or why, but as every adult in your life has said before (and now so have I… because I’m an adult now–hahaha please, who are we kidding) I blinked and time flew by!
I can’t believe the semester is almost over, and that ICM is over. I loved this class so much–I honestly didn’t even know what I was going to be doing in it when we first started–and I’m pleasantly surprised in my progress (although I wish it were more… but patience grasshopper).

So with that declaration of love out of the way, on to the show. My final is done… I was up late last night working out some kinks, but it’s actually working int he way that was intended. I hope to keep going with this and include server side stuff, and really make it more robust, but for the first working pass, I’m actually really happy with it!

Social Doodle Telephone Game (Updte: After the show, the name has been changed to Doodle Chain)

A social doodle game that fosters creativity by prompting people to “doodle” and complete other people’s work

An initial doodle will start the sketch off. User1 will come in and complete/add to the doodle. Once User1 hits “save” the compilation of the starter drawing and his/her drawing will be saved, and the original doodle will go away. User1’s doodle will now become the starter doodle for User2, and they will come in and do the same process over again. The evolution of the sketches will be recorded, and there will be a playback option to see the how they change the more users participate in this social game.








Finally, I want to give a shout out to Moon, Sam, AV and Hao–and of course, mighty Dan [Shiffman]. They all helped me to get my code to work, and without any of them this would be in shambles and in shameful pieces.

Onwards and Upwards!



After user testing my game in the show, I realized a couple of things I need to optimize:

  1. Doodle playback needs to be made shorter. People won’t sit through too long of a playback and I had to keep resetting the game.
  2. Instructions need to be made more clear. People got the game (and loved it) once I explained it to them, but if I didn’t, they had a hard time grasping the concept.
  3. The playback is skipping the second-to-last image before going back to the last drawing. I need to fix that too

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