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[FINAL] Core

[FINAL] Core

My project has taken a sharp turn after our final, and while the process is still similar, the concept behind it has changed.
I spoke to several people after my presentation and they all agree that the most poignant part of my project is when I spoke about people’s connections and “layer” of relationships. So I decided to focus on that, and finish it off under that direction.


Core is the visualization of human relationships and connection.

As people move through life, most of the people they encounter are a “blur.” Meetings with strangers go unregistered or even unnoticed, but as we connect and become closer to each other, those layers of anonymity are peeled back. Our mental pictures of each other become clearer in the mind, with details and nuances standing out more and more. Core is the visualization of that process of definition, and the ever-changing complexity of relationships.






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