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COVID Diaries: Work Work Work

COVID Diaries: Work Work Work

Life works in a funny way. Kevin has been freelance for 4 years and he loves it. He figured out a way to be efficient and productive while still being able to go rock climbing in the middle of the day, or as he says “work smarter (and I think, harder).”

When this whole COVID situation started, we started talking about work possibilities in tandem. Knowing that I work in experiential where it’s basically events and bringing people together, we knew my industry would be affected.
So, we started discussing the option of him going back full time – he also misses the community of working with people and being part of something bigger. So this seemed like a serendipitous moment for him.

Well, two weeks age I got a call in the morning from my Head of Production to confirm the fears I had since March. I was being furloughed. My company i post-production, content and experiential; and with the production/film industry also suffering from this, they have been taking steps to furlough staff in order to apply for the COVID relief program. I was part of the third round of furloughs.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty upset. It took me eight years to get to where I am know. And it’s taken me two weeks to be able to bring myself to finish writing this post. It’s hard to feel like something you’ve worked so hard for is being taken away for reasons other than your own.

I’m also pretty cynical when it comes to Corporate America and how they treat their employees. I was told I would come back in July, but let’s be honest, what are the caveats and is it really going to happen?

My life mantra is “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” And, that’s what I’m doing right now. In the meantime, we have to continue working on finding a new place since we move out no later than the end of August (or earlier) and hopefully I can have my job back by then.

Fingers crossed!

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