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COVID Diaries: Day 50

COVID Diaries: Day 50

Day 50 of quarantine. Kevin is starting to break.

Let’s rewind: 54 days ago Kevin and I were down in Colombia, picking up my wedding dress and getting ready to say our I do’s. The Coronavirus was already in the news but not nearly as bad as it is now, and we started getting a slew of people freaking out and cancelling last minute. After three days of dealing with the stress and anxiety, we decided the best and responsible thing to do was to postpone the wedding (more on that later).
With heavy hearts we sent out an email letting all of our guests know, called the airline, changed our tickets and flew back home.

Once we landed at JFK, we said goodbye to my sister who had flown back with us, got in a cab and went home. As we passed the doorway to our apartment, our quarantine began.

And it has been the same, for 50 days. Granted, we have it best than most people. We have a great apartment for NYC standards, a private backyard, no children and we still have jobs.

In the meantime, the death toll has surpassed that of the Vietman War and unemployment is highest since the Great Depression with over 30 million people. 30 MILLION!

We keep hoping for things to get better, and it’s strange to not be able to plan with any sort of vision. This is literally day-by-day. One day when we look back, I hope it’s not as bleak as it looks like now.

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