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Containing the Uncontainable

Containing the Uncontainable

Part 2 of our assignment for this week had to do with projection mapping. Jordan, Jed and I partnered together for this project.

We wanted to play around with the squares in the class, and Jordan found an awesome video that we all agreed we wanted to play around with.
With the video selected, we decided to crop it and stretch it out over two of the squares and then reflect that over two squares right next to it. We figured it would make for an interesting look. It did not disappoint!

Projection Mapping Exercise from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

After that, we wanted to map multiple images over a 3D object. Jed had a great idea of mapping something over a cube, so we built it before hand and decided to map a video of space over it. SPECTACULAR.
Space makes for a great visual but seeing it on the cube just made it work so much better.
We did two things with the cube. The first was that we mapped the same video over three of the faces of the cube, so that it would basically have three videos playing over it.
After that, we decided to map the whole video over the three faces to see if we could make it appear flat. It didn’t quite work but we were very close.

I love projection mapping and how visually striking it can be. I will DEFINITELY be using it more.

Containing the uncontainable from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

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