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Big Bang Bubble Boogie

Big Bang Bubble Boogie

One week till this Cabinet is done.

We’ve been hard at work working on this and on all fronts, we’re almost there!

We just finished cutting out the cabinet pieces today and now just have to do a lose assembly to make sure it works before we put the wooden dowels pins, wood glue and clamps to finish up this bad boy.




The dummy computer is on its way so that we can actually play the game in the cabinet, and it’s not just one big empty (and beautifully crafter and painted) box.

The sprites have been designed and are finished. The title is also finished. Now we just need to work on title screen, final screen and [maybe] the background.

IMG_5824 IMG_5831

The music is done and finished. Luckily, we handled that pretty quickly.

The code is almost there. We had a game jam yesterday in class and spent most of it trying to get the button press inputs right since we have 4 buttons of each color… Unity sometimes gets unwieldy in the most unexpected places.

Almost there, but we still got ways to go. Although the game is due on Thrusday, the show isn’t until Monday so we’re gonna have a full weekend to devote to this without any other finals/classes/distractions, and I’m sure we’ll have a beautiful finished product in the end.

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