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Are you you?

Are you you?

This class is the personification of “short and sweet.”

Spanning over a period of two weeks, we were introduced (and pushed into the deep end of the pool) to photogrammetry and Cinematic Scanning. Basically, the process of scanning your environment/subject, either through photography or with a depth sensor, and recreating them in a 3D environment that you can then manipulate to your liking.

We were given a brief to base our work in (having some advertising deja vu here) and it was basically to create a computational portrait of someone that takes advantage of the computational possibilities of the process.

the brief
the brief

So, for my final project, I decided to dig deeper into identity and how much of it do we actually hold. Especially with all the technological advances, identity and anonymity is something that is usually pretty present for people, and it’s a cage easily shaken.

I’m not entirely sure yet where I’ll end up, but I’m liking this so far!

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