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And then there were three

And then there were three

If anyone knows me, even a little, they know I hustle. As a true Capricorn woman I value work very highly in my list, and I strive to be the best I can be in whatever I do – this mixed with my virgo moon creates an unachievable perfection standard that either doesn’t let me begin things, or sends me down very deep self-judgment rabbit hole… but that’s a story for another time.

So when I got laid off after being furloughed for around a month, I hit the ground running on my job search. As Kev usually says, you either put your experiences in the gas tank or the trunk. Are they gonna fuel you, or weigh you down? I choose the former.

So I applied like crazy, reached out to people and (surprisingly) people reached out to me. I started having conversations, dusting off old relationships and now, almost two months after being laid off, I find myself with three job offers from three different places that would be great to work for.

What a good problem to have! (they say – and it’s true) What an anxiety-inducing place to be! (how I feel).

So after spiraling about every possible outcome and how I could ruin my life if I choose wrong, I made a decision with the help of my darling Kevin and my recently-hired life coach.

The options were:

  1. Talent Agency that wants to build out their digital division and turn all of their models/artists into avatars (FT)
  2. Do a mixed reality fashion show for TikTok in once of the best experiential agencies (short-term FL)
  3. Go work for a major media/news company that’s exploring new ways of storytelling through Augmented Reality in partnership with Facebook (long-term FL)

I chose door #3!

I still don’t know if it was the right choice to make, or how this will all net out, but I’m excited about the prospect. As my life-coach said, “You made the best decision with the information given to you. No use spending your energy in the what-ifs”

So that’s what I’m going to do! stand behind my decision, choose to be excited about this instead of fearful, and hope for the best!

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