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[1] Color Palette

[1] Color Palette


So a group of us decided to do a 100 days of coding challenge in order to get better at it, and keep practicing. My wonderful friend Mathura is a GENIUS in coding (and basically everything else at ITP), so she’s putting it together for us on this website:

Today, the challenge was to create a color palette that features a primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The idea is to divide the in a way that will tell the used which color should be used the most, which the second, and which the least.
I’ve been wanting to mess around with nested loops for a while (never actually used it in class) so I decided to do an array of color bubbles that change every time you refresh the page. I created them just fine but when the time came to apply the color, I just wasn’t getting it. I tried and tried, got help from several people, and finally caved in and had Moon help me… ::sigh:: one day I ‘ll stop asking for his help. For now, my code is fixed!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.29.32 PM

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